Evidence for the Parthenon Frieze Elgin Marbles to go back to Greece

New research on the Elgin Marbles indicates that the Parthenon Frieze is culturally much more important that has even been considered before. Unfortunately the evidence cannot be properly considered or appreciated under the current arrangements for the display of the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum.

Under the bequest of Lord Duveen, the present gallery was built and the museum was prohibited from displaying copies of material next to original marble panels where the British Museum was not in possession of the originals.

Works of art often contain hidden messages and a frieze will often show a sequential subject matter. The Parthenon Frieze is no exception . . . so a missing panel is like having 4 dots and a dash omitted from Morse Code. The Enigma Code could not have been deciphered if sequences of code had been missed in crucial messages.

So it is with the Parthenon Frieze. The most symbolically important section, the East Frieze, is missing a panel in the most important part and this has caused the meaning of the Frieze to have been missed by scholars and unappreciated by the public . . . until now.

The missing panel is where it should be in Athens in the Acropolis museum, and the full significance of the Parthenon and the Acropolis cannot be appreciated properly until the East Frieze of the Parthenon Freize is returned by the British Museum to Athens. Here is why.