The Menorca Cricket Club ('MCC')was founded by a small group of British expatriates in 1985 andhas, since that time, built one of the only new cricket
grounds in the Mediterranean. The MCC is justly proud to be theonly Club in Spain to have purchased the necessary land and tohave built its very own cricket ground, with a fully grassed outfield.
The MCC's ground is situated in Biniparrell, San Luis and is about10 minutes drive from Mahón, the capital of the island.
The MCC welcomes touring sides during the months of April, May,June, September and October and there are Club games almost everyweekend throughout the year !!
The Club also welcomes all those, who merely wish to sit in thesun and enjoy a glass of beer, whilst watching a 'Mediterranean'version of village cricket. The Menorca Cricket Club rightly hasan excellent reputation for its standards of hospitality and itis not surprising that several teams return to the island each year to do battle with the MCC once more.

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