Menorca`s character is different from the other Balearic Islands. It’s quieter, less flamboyant and is, without doubt, totally relaxing. Prehistoric mounds called talayots are scattered all over the rolling green landscape of this beautiful Island. Cows graze in green meadows fringed with blackberry bushes,farmers still till the soil as their forefathers did all those years ago. Menorca has more than 100 beaches to choose from. So finding little coves and inlets to relax and take in the beauty will not pose a problem. A reminder of British rule in the 18century, old georgian houses stand alongside the local cottages in Mahón the capital. Villa Carlos with its lively barsand nightlife at that time, was where the British Garrison stood.The Menorcans claim to have invented mayonnaise, named after "Mahon". The Island has one main road which links Mahon to Ciudadela a city of noble palaces and villas, spacious squares, fountains and a very busy yacht marina. Spend some time here you will find it fascinating. Fresh grilled fish, Roast suckling pig and Paellaare the local cuisine of the Island and are available in most areas. Look out also for Spicy sausages and lovely smoked ham.

The Spanish island of Menorca is situated 25 miles North Eastof Mallorca, in the Balearic Sea off the Eastern coast of Spain

The capital and location of the airport is Mahon, in the SouthEastern corner of the island. Ciutadella, Menorca's second townis in the North West.

Rolling hills, hidden baysand sandy beaches characterize this island, which, in contrastto its neighbor Mallorca is as yet unaffected by the rise of packageholidays and mass tourism.

Watersports, and sailing in particular are popular; visit theold towns, have lunch with the locals in a tapas bar; sail aroundMahón Harbour; go up to the monastery at Monte Toro.

The island's main appeal is that it still retains the feel of a Spanish province, undamaged by tourism. Little villages, farms and fishing ports are untouchedby the passage of time.

The sea is great forwatersports enthusiasts and there is much to be explored, in theway of quiet bays and sleepy villages miles from anywhere.

Menorcan country house Rumored to have been a secretmeeting place for "Nelson:"and "Lady Hamilton"

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