Menorca Map, Towns and General Statistics

The Island of Menorca, part of the Balearics group has a Population of just under 70,000

The Capital city (and largest) is Mahón (Maó) Population 25,000 is on the Port of Mahón ( previously a British naval base - Nelson used it)

Villacarlos population 5,000 lying at the entrance of the Port of Mahón - East

Sant Lluis population 2,500 Inland village founded by the French - South East.
Cala Alcaufar population 1,000 Newer urban development -South East.
Alaior population 6,000 a center of men's footwear - Central East.
Mercadal population 3,000 Inland by Mount Toro ( the highest point on Menorca ) - Central
Ferreries population 3,000 at the center of the Island - Central West.
Ciutadella population 22,000 The site of the Sant Jaun fiestas where the horses pass though the narrow streets. - West

Fornells population 150 Fishing village - North

Menorca has two main ports Mahón and Ciutadella, both are serviced by a regular boat service from Mallorca and Barcelona and a regular daytime bus service ( to get around the Island you
really need a car or a bicycle ).
The Airport is closest to Mahón which is also the larger deeper port and hence the main commercial port .
The Island runs East - West some 47 Km and is 10 to 19 Km wide with a coast line of 200 Km .
The Island of Menorca is rather flat with the high point only 357m (Monte Toro ) at the center and the two main population centers at either end.

map of Minorca Menorca

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