Minorca - a place of natural beauty

Compared to other islands in the balearics you might think that Menorca's flat geography would be a disappointment - not a bit of it. Everywhere we walk we are tripping over evidence of the island's history. From archaeological sites dating from the Talayotic period (1400 BC) through the fortifications of the occupying powers (including the British) up to a bunker dating from the Spanish Civil War, you are never far from the island's history.

Gentle countryside makes for easy strolling on the network of walking routes which covers the region from Mahon to Binibeca and the southern resorts. Easy on effort buthigh on interest for aficionados of wild flowers and butterflies. Great tracts of farmland have been left fallow for years resulting in a prodigious range of wild plants establishing themselves to produce a giant natural garden. Botanists should make a 'bee line' for the Coastal Discovery route linking Punta Prima with Alcaufar and S'Algar through a most impressive natural rock garden. All this plant life has produced great drifts of butterflies in all sizesand colours along with impressive multi-coloured caterpillars. If your interests are more for things with four legs keep an eye out for the wild tortoises. Add in some beautiful inlets and a few interesting 'tipicos', with walking routes linked to the excellent local bus services, and you have the recipe for a perfect holiday.

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